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We are a new group of iGaming Consultants who aim to offer a wider range of services by combining our various skills, and by being able to refer clients when they need help in an area outside our specialty

The goal of the iGCA is to connect consultants with different expertise, in different sectors all over the world.

And to be the 'go to' location for those in iGaming who need specialist skills to enhance thier business

We believe that consultants can provide better value by working together.

It's rare that our clients have a single problem or a small set of problems that fall within the expertise of one person. By working together we can solve more of those problems.

Right now the iGCA is just getting started and signing up consultants who would like to grow their network or find other consultants to work with.

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As we grow the IGCA we will be promoting consultants to the iGaming world as a way to get the expertise to solve complex problems or connect with people who can fast-track their growth.

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There are a wide variety of consultant in igaming. 

They provide specialist expertise in everything from player acquisition, CRM, game design, SEO, AML/KYC, payments, responsible gambling, in fact, everything you might need to start, grow and run a successful on-line casino or sportsbook.

While there are many organisations that provide listing services or promotion within igaming none of them focus on consultants.

Most consultants are small businesses at best and far more likely to be soloprenuers.

On those listing sites or publications the small and solo consultants are competing against large operators, game studios, and affiliate marketers. 

The goals of the iGCA are:

1) To bring consultants together so they can provide more value to clients.

2) Be the first place igaming companies go to when then need specialist help.



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Take Advantage of Our First Month Discount

To get things started we're offering a discounted membership rate of €50 for the first year until March 31st 2021.
After that, it will rise to €150 per year.

This isn't being run to make money, but we will need to cover costs and if we're going to do marketing activities we'll need to pay for those.

This website will evolve as we grow. There will be consultants pages with the ability to contact you directly, not just a link to your website. 

We're looking at providing a legal document creation service.

We're open to ideas. If you have any ideas of things we could do - seminars, marketing, events (How about an IGCA stand at SiGMA or ICE?). Just let us know. 

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